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SFS Carbide Tool Company presents the Sidewinder precision vinyl blade cutters
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All about SFS Carbide Tool Company

SFS Carbide Tool Company -manufacturer of "Sidewinder" precision Vinyl Blade Cutters

Since 1921, SFS has supplied a wide range of cutting tools to a diversified number of industries worldwide. Specialty tool and die shops and machinery manufacturers have come to us through the years for custom tool making projects. In year 2000, SFS introduced it's line of Sidewinder Vinyl Blades to meet the needs of the signage industry that required ultra sharp durable cutting tools to slice through a wide variety of vinyl sign material. Today, we are the leading provider of vinyl cutting blades to our distribution network nationwide.

Custom made cutting tools from SFS Carbide Tool Company sincce 1921.

We use all the latest CNC manufacturing and finishing equipment to produce short and long runs to the exacting requirements of our clients. Our mission is to meet and exceed the quality and accuracy demanded of your precision cutting tools so we in turn deserve your repeat business. We encourage you to get a quick quote from us on stock purchases or custom toll making jobs.

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Our Vinyl Blades are Designed to be a "Cut Above the Rest"

All Blades are manufactured in our Saginaw Michigan plant
We provide manufacturing to exact specifications.
Products are inspected multiple times during the production process to ensure consistency and product integrity.
All products are produced to extend tool life by using only the highest quality materials to enhance their performance.
Our 80 years of experience as a precision toolmaker and manufacturer is unmatched by our competition.
All SFS products are distributed through a national distribution channel to provide availability worldwide.

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For over eight decades here at SFS Carbide Tool, we’ve practiced a simple but powerful mission — to be a leader in our toolmaking industry by serving our customers. We define “Customer” in the broadest terms . . . including both those who use our products and those who help make them available to consumers. . .

A perspective that keeps us flexible. We define “Service” in our customer’s terms, delivering consistently superior quality products and solving problems quickly and effectively . . . A practice that keeps us honest.

We are proud of our 80+ years of service, and even more enthusiastic about our future. We will continue to deliver the industry’s most effective vinyl cutting tools, responding to sign makers and automated sign plotting manufacturers diverse needs as they change. We will continue to lead our industry in research and development, customer service and application assistance. Our vision is to make the name SFS Carbide Tool Co. synonymous with the phrase “easy to do business with”.

Samples of our custom made Carbide Ball cutters for local client

Custom made carbide Ball cutter tips cick to enlarge Micro fiber carbide Ball cutter tips to zoom image

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SFS Carbide Tool Company manufactures sign making carbide Sidewinder blades snakes through tough signing cutting jobs.blades cutters for plotters from Gerber, Ioline, Roland, Mimaki, Anagraph, Summagraphics, American Graphtec, Mutoh, and all other OEM's of vinyl sign making equipment. The blades are made out of ultra fine grain tungsten carbide to ensure a long-lasting cut and sharp edge cut.  Sidewinder™ Blades are produced with unequaled sharpness and durability exceeding the specifications of all the original equipment manufacturer's furnished vinyl cutting tools. Call us for our competitive prices on small or large quantities and we ship worldwide.

SFS also specializes in custom made and build to stock Micro-fiber hardened Carbide burring-cutting-booring and milling tool tips for industrial and commercial metalworking uses. We have added a easy to read -print and  download PDF  catalog for you to see some of our stock and "made-to-order" Carbide tool tip sets.

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SFS Carbide Tool is the one to call if you are an OEM and have a new cutting blade design you'd like to try in your new cutter or plotter. SFS is also the one to call if you can no longer find the blades you've been using for years, or if you need different cutting performance from your current blade. We can tool and manufacturer specialty blades to help optimize the performance of any vinyl cutting operation by changing the critical aspects of blade selection including material selection, blade shape, and edge geometry.

Custom Carbide and hardened metal tool making experts since 1921

We provide custom tooling for automotive machine shops and Engine Rebuilders working on Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Blocks, Balancing & Blueprinting, and race Engine Porting.

Speciality engine boring and CNC machining tools

The Edelbrock Quality Control department uses high-tech Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and look to SFS carbide for speciality boring,milling and cutting tools for machining racing cylinder heads.

SFS Carbide Tool Inc makes boring, milling and cutting tools for the professional cylinder head shop or high performance engine builders. We offer machining parts for NASCAR racing engine builders. They require cylinder head and CNC porting tools in different sizes for various applications providing the versatility for whatever design requirements may demand.

Machined at Edelbrock's manufacturing facility in the USA, Edelbrock heads are consistently the best in quality. Victor and Victor CNC heads are used by many of the best racers in the country and are the best choice for all-out competition. Edelbrock heads are available for dozens of applications including AMC, Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, Pontiac and Oldsmobile.

Click to see CNC machining engine building applications
CNC cutting Tools for Engine Builders matches just the right Carbide Tipped tooling for precission job runs.

See the here...

High Performance engine builders use SFS Carbide Tools for engine block finishing.

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Cylinder porting is one of the most difficult machining jobs. But it is especially important to the engine shops that build the 700-plus horsepower engines for NASCAR racing. Horsepower, torque and acceleration are the keys to winning a race; refining the art of porting can give a team the edge they need to win. It all begins with choozing the right machining tools.

For the lowdown on NASCAR racing you have to visit Mooresville, NC--also known as Race City U.S.A. When it comes to superior cylinder porting, the majority of engine shops in the area have several things in common: Surfcam CAD/CAM software by Surfware, Inc., Westlake Village, CA.... and precision cutting,boring and milling tools by SFS Carbide Tool Company.

Porting a car engine's cylinder head refers to fine-tuning the shapes of the ports that direct airflow to and from the cylinders. To improve its process for porting, a manufacturer of high-performance heads for racing engines will use a multitasking machine that is capable of milling and turning under CNC control.

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The process of porting is more of an art than a science. An initial prototype is created by hand, tested for optimum airflow and power, then refined by hand machining until the desired performance is achieved. For a prototype cylinder head one exhaust port, one intake port and one chamber are developed. Once the design is complete, the part is digitized and computerized surfaces are generated. To create all of the ports required for a cylinder head, the port surfaces are duplicated and positioned in the correct locations. Then the CNC toolpath is generated to cut the part. CAM/CNC machining the ports in this manner is faster and produces a better quality product. Ports can be cut in less than one tenth the time it takes to cut them by hand and the ports are consistently the same. Once a design is complete any number of heads or manifolds can be produced that are exactly alike, if your machining tools hold to consistant tolerances. Additional information on SFS Carbide Tools for CNC machining applications can be seen on our sister site!

If you want to get started today, then call us at 1-989-777-3890 for your vinyl cutting blade solutions and to utilize our custom carbide tool making expertise.
Sidewinder Vinyl Cutting Blades are manufactured in Saginaw MichiganQuick contact information for SFS Carbide Tool Company

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