Sidewinder vinyl cutting blades for all the manufacturers of sign making equipment
SFS Carbide Tool Company presents the Sidewinder precision vinyl blade cutters
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Sidewinder Blades for Cad/Cam sign making systems

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Sidewinder -Vinyl Sign Cutting Blades

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Sub-micron carbide blades for sign making plotters

SFS Carbide Tool Company manufactures sign making carbide blade cutters for plotters from Gerber, Ioline, Roland, Mimaki, Anagraph, Summagraphics, American Graphtec, Mutoh, and all other OEM's of vinyl sign making equipment. The blades are made out of ultra fine grain tungsten carbide to ensure a long-lasting cut and sharp edge cut. Sidewinder™ Blades are produced with unequaled sharpness and durability exceeding the specifications of the original equipment manufacturers furnished vinyl cutting tools at competitive prices.

Micro carbon vinyl cutting blades for plotters.

We make replacement blades for these Sign Making systems:Sidewinder blades snakes through tough signing cutting jobs.

American Graphtec
Allen Datagraph
Call for quotes on additional manufacturer replacement vinyl cutting blades, since we can duplicate and produce new styles from any furnished sample or blueprint.  Choose Mfgr - ANAGRAPH - CREATION - Allen Datagraph - GERBER - GRAPHTEC - IOLINE - MIMAKI - MUTOH Blades - ROLAND - SUMMAGRAPHICS

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SFS Carbide Tool is the one to call if you are an OEM and have a new cutting blade design you'd like to try in your new cutter or plotter. SFS is also the one to call if you can no longer find the blades you've been using for years, or if you need different cutting performance from your current blade. We can tool and manufacturer specialty blades to help optimize the performance of any vinyl cutting operation by changing the critical aspects of blade selection including material selection, blade shape, and edge geometry.

If you want to get started today, then call us at 1-989-777-3890 for your vinyl cutting blade solutions or utilize our carbide tool making expertise for designing or duplicating existing tooling.

Roland automated sign making cutting plotter equipment
Sidewinder Vinyl Cutting Blades are manufactured in Saginaw MichiganQuick contact information for SFS Carbide Tool Company

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