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SFS Carbide Tool -custom tool making services
Since 1921 SFS has been manufacturing custom made cutting tools for a variety of industries

For over 80 years , SFS Carbide Tool has been providing it's valued customers with the highest quality round and flat cutting tools in the industry. Our expanded CNC capabilities on the most state of the art equipment and commitment to quality control during production runs makes us the best choice for custom tool making from a variety of materials. Consistent quality is the rule at SFS Carbide Tool. OurWe use quality control instruments to guage all production blades Sidewinder™ Blades have been highly recommended by the International Sign Association "ISA" as a strong testimony to our expertise in satisfying our customers exacting requirement.

Specialty Tooling is our bread and butter. SFS is dedicated to providing the highest quality carbide cutting tools and superior customer service at a fair price. We also manufacturer a complete line of harden stainless steel/carbide tipped cutters -routers and surgical application tools. From altered standards to blueprint specials, SFS is your source for custom tooling. Our many years of experience will insure that you get the right tools for your application from prototypes, to short or long production runs. Send us your inquiry, samples or blueprints for a prompt price and delivery quotation.

SFS Carbide Tool custom desiggns all types of carbide cutting tools

We are proud of our four decades of service, and even more enthusiastic about our future. We will continue to deliver the industry’s most effective cutting tools, responding to your diverse needs as they change. We will continue to lead our industry in research and development, customer service and cutting tool application assistance.

Samples of our custom made Carbide Ball cutters for local client

Custom made carbide Ball cutter tips cick to enlarge Micro fiber carbide Ball cutter tips to zoom image

Our vision is to make the name SFS Carbide Tool Co. synonymous Precision Carbide tipped cutting toolswith the phrase “easy to do business with” making us a leader in manufacturing "application specific" solid carbide cutting tools since 1921. We worked side by side with the world's leading flatbed plotter manufacturers to develop this unique series of vinyl cutter knife blades. For for high speed machining of hardened metals or when you need only the best cutting tools, think of one name: SFS Carbide Tool Company.

Precision Carbide Cutting Tools..Click here for Graphite cutting tools by SFS Carbide Tool

SFS Carbide Tools, Inc manufactures special cutting tools from high speed steel, carbide tipped, solid carbide, and indexable carbides.  We also provide resharpening, reconditioning, modification and complete engineering service on all types of cutting tools. We combine engineering and production technology to meet all of your special needs...


We can manufacturer carbide cutting tools from Blueprints or samples

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SFS also specializes in custom made and build to stock Micro-fiber hardened Carbide
burring-cutting-booring and milling tool tips for industrial and commercial metalworking
uses. We have added a easy to read -print and  download PDF catalog for you to see
some of our stock and made-to-order Carbide tool tip sets.

Click Here for a low resolution SFS catalog ...1.4 MB file
( *suitable for online viewing )

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Tungsten carbide PCB tools are smaller now than ever before, and seem to be getting smaller every year. To meet this challenge, SFS Carbide  cutting tools are fabricated exclusively from the advanced tungsten carbide composites developed and supplied by domestic and foreign suppliers. Ultra-fine grain cemented ceramics are the result of an extensive development program aimed at optimizing the very best of cemented carbide technology to achieve an exceptional combination of hardness, toughness, and strength for demanding cutting jobs. These extraordinary properties have been achieved by producing tungsten carbide with a grain size of only 0.4 micron. We select grades of carbide to accommodate the application at hand from precision dental drills to industrial reamers. Generally speaking, the need for reliable small hole drilling and the accompanying demand for extended tool life has necessitated the use of the finest grades of carbide currently available. The bulk of our tools are fabricated from 8UF (with 8% cobalt) and 6UF (with 6% cobalt) which are recommended for solid carbide rotary tool applications in the ISO K01/K0 and K01/K5 ranges where high cutting speeds are routinely encountered.

All of our drill bits, reamers, routers and cutting tools are produced on Rollamatic multi-axis CNC grinding machines and are fully inspected using the latest laser and/or optical metrology techniques. Drill diameters are held to +0.0000"/-0.0004", end mill and router diameters to +0.000"/-0.001", overall tool lengths to 0.005", and depth set ring locations to 0.004". Tighter tolerances and custom geometries are available upon request as no job is too large or small for our tool making specialists.

Since 1921 SFS has been manufacturing custom made cutting tools for a variety of industries

Samples of our custom made Carbide Ball cutters for boring and porting out NASCAR racing engine cylinders. Carbide tipped tools for precision CNC machining applications,  metal working and industrial punch press requirements, demand the exacting standards offered to all customers of SFS Carbide Tool, Inc.

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Factoid: CNC controllers are devices that control machines and processes. They range in capability from simple point-to-point linear control to highly complex algorithms that involve multiple axes of control. CNC controllers can be used to control various types of machine shop equipment.  These include horizontal mills, vertical mills, lathes and turning centers, grinders, electro discharge machines (EDM), welding machines, and inspection machines.  The number of axes controlled by CNC controllers can range anywhere from one to five, with some CNC controllers configured to control greater than six axes. Visit our web site for complete details on our CNC machining and milling, boring tools

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