Sidewinder vinyl cutting blades for all the manufacturers of sign making equipment
SFS Carbide Tool Company presents the Sidewinder precision vinyl blade cutters
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Sidewinder Blades for Cad/Cam sign making systems

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Since 1921 SFS has been manufacturing custom made cutting tools for a variety of industries
Manufacturer of Sidewinder™ Vinyl Sign cutting Blades

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Since 1921, SFS has supplied a wide range of cutting tools to a diversified number of industries worldwide. Specialty tool and die shops and machinery manufacturers have come to us through the years for custom tool making projects. In year 2000, SFS introduced it's line of Sidewinder Vinyl Blades to meet the needs of the signage industry that required ultra sharp durable cutting tools to slice through a wide variety of vinyl sign for more info

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Main Contact our plant Plant
4480 Marlea, Saginaw, MI 48601

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Office Phone: 1-989-777-3890
Fax number:   1-989-777-3860
Cell phone Bob White: 1-248-840-0090

Retail division: Cutter Super Store
P.O. Box 264, Bridgeport, MI 48722
Phone 1-989-777-3557

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Sidewinder Vinyl Cutting Blades are manufactured in Saginaw MichiganQuick contact information for SFS Carbide Tool Company

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