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SFS Carbide Tool -sample Carbide custom cutting tools
for a variety in metal working applications.

Since 1921 SFS has been manufacturing custom made cutting tools for a variety of industries

SFS Carbide Tools, Inc manufactures special cutting tools from high speed steel, carbide tipped, solid carbide, and indexable carbides.  We also provide resharpening, reconditioning, modification and complete engineering service on all types of cutting tools. We combine engineering and production technology to meet all of your special needs...1999-04217_cat_22_large_img1.jpg (5765 bytes)

To keep our high-speed steel, carbide tipped, or solid carbide cutting tools up to the task, we craft them from only the finest materials available. A difference you will appreciate every time you put us to work. And come to depend on in crunch time, when there's important orders on the line, deadlines to meet, and no room for error.   And our passion for perfection doesn't end there, but carries over to our service teams as well. Because how we perform on your job is just as important as how our cutting tools do on your production line or specialty application

So whenever you call SFS Carbide Tool, you can count on one of our friendly service employees to handle all your needs and questions  quickly and efficiently.

Solid carbide milling inserts coated or uncoated; face, shoulder, rough, slitting, disk, pocket, slot, chamfer and circular mills with indexable inserts, which are manufactured with the highest standards, they truly are the answer to any milling needs.

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2- HTS Carbide DRILLS:
These are produced in four different types:
1- Solid tungstan carbide drills coated or uncoated, from 3 to 20 mm in diameter.
2- Drills with indexable inserts cutting edge, from 16 to 82 mm.
3- Drills with changeable head and indexable cutting edge, from 20 to 45 mm.
4- Drills with changeable cartridge, head and indexable inserts cutting edge, pilot drill with adjustable length of drilling, from 45 to 170 mm.

spotdrill.gif (1721 bytes)Graphite spot drill bits

SFS's "Gold Standard" line of drill bits, reamers and routers feature the latest technology in titanium nitride coating. With numerous applications in industry where difficult and abrasive materials are routinely machined. The TiN coating has proven to not only to increase the quality of the end product but to save time as well.  The hardness of the Titanium Nitride coating is approximately 80 Rc. This coating is excellent for machining soft gummy steels, mild steels, and aluminum. TiN coating is also excellent for flexible materials. Due to its 'slippery' texture the cutter cuts more freely and the chips glide easily across the flat and out of the way. This coating has the best lubricity of any coating which is coupled with its high hardness. This allows it to work on a wide variety of materials and to out perform uncoated tools that may be burning, galling, producing a poor surface finish, or that simply have a short life.

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Samples of our custom made Carbide Ball cutters for local client

Custom made carbide Ball cutter tips cick to enlarge Micro fiber carbide Ball cutter tips to zoom image

SFS also specializes in custom made and build to stock Micro-fiber hardened Carbide
burring-cutting-booring and milling tool tips for industrial and commercial metalworking
uses. We have added a easy to read -print and  download PDF catalog for you to see
some of our stock and "made-to-order" Carbide tool tip sets.

Click Here for a low resolution SFS catalog ...1.4 MB file
( *suitable for online viewing )

Click Here for high resolution SFS catalog ... 11.2 MB file
(** recommended for offline viewing -right click link and save to hard drive)

The Gold Standard coating can be placed on all of the engravers, cutters, or endmills manufactured by Crown Cutters. Crown's solid carbide "Gold Standard" cutters mean more and better engraving, fewer cutter changes, reduced heat build-up, higher speeds and feeds, improved part finish, reduced cutter deflection, and 3-5 times normal edge life. As well as this, coated cutters can be resharpened and recoated and still outlast uncoated cutters by 2-3 times. Contact us for current pricing. Specify TiN coating when placing your order or ask about our other selections of tool finishes.

coated_endmills.jpg (7621 bytes)

End Mills are fluted tools designed specifically for cut-out applications. They are highly sought after because of their enhanced cutting capabilities over the average products available to the engraving industry. Unlike a parallel cutter which is a half round cutter with one small straight cutting edge, the end mills cut with flutes. A flute is simply a cutting edge but the difference is in the design. Flutes are longer and, for most engraving cut-out applications, spiral slowly for the entire flute length. This spiral works similar to a drill by pulling the chips up and out of the cutting path. By pulling the chips out of the way, the cutter can then cut more freely reducing heat buildup and increasing cycle times. Loot to SFS for..

On Time Delivery

Short Lead Times

Small Quantities to Blanket Orders

Superior Design and R&D services

Experienced Engineering Team

Experienced Tool Makers (Over 80 years in special cutting tool manufacturing)

Quality Control and onsite support services

Our engineers design tools on the most advanced AutoCAD system with 3D modeling. This feature allows them to view the tools before they are manufactured.

SFS offers you these services - Special Cutting Tools - Resharpening - Reconditioning - Modification - Engineering Service - Drill Repointing including (but not limited to) the following brands:

Kennametal/Hertel * Titex * Guhring * Di Jet * OSG * Allied *Chicago Latrobe

SFS Carbide Tools manufactures special cutting tools from high speed steel and solid carbide, such as:

Core Drills - Gun Drills - Spade Drills- Step Drills - Subland Drills - Step Reamers - Expansion - Reamers - Counterbores - Countersinks - Reverse Countersinks - Dovetail Cutters -Keyway Cutters - Milling Cutters - Port Contour Cutters- Special or Modified End - Mills - Hollow Mills -Reverse Spotfacers - Boring Tools -Form Tools - Radius Tools - Recess Tools -Denta Drill Bits- Single Point - Tools - Trepan Tools - Turning Tools -Indexable insert multi-diameter boring & turning tools.

Feed out automatic boring & facing heads.

Coolant hole tools available in HSS, carbide tipped or solid carbide. Straight or spiral flute.

Available carbide, CBN, or PCD tipped. Indexable insert multi-diameter boring & turning tools also available carbide, CBN or PCD tipped)

Tools can also be PVD or CVD coated utilizing some of the latest coating technologies:

TiN Titanium Nitride - TiCN Titanium Carbonitride -CrN Chromium Nitride - TiAIN Titanium Aluminum Nitride - AL203 Aluminum Oxide - ZrN Zirconium Nitride


SFS Carbide Tool Inc services the needs of the performance engine building industry.

 Using SFS Carbide Tools the most up-to-date automotive machining shops get the job done. Our mission is to help our tooling customers build an engine that will accomplish their goals and power expectations using modern CNC and CAM systems. We help customers who are building engines from grocery getters, motorcycles, to Nascar and NHRA Drag engines.

SFS Carbide tipped CNC tooling bits  tool7.jpg (121750 bytes) tool6.jpg (134699 bytes)
Click to enlarge images on engine block machining

centroid_icon_logo.gif (3769 bytes)

CENTROID CNC Short Subject Videos. Short clips of specific CNC machining applications from milling, fixed table boring to threading and 3D mold making. Click the above link to select a variety of precision machining tools in action.

CNC cylinder head porting, 5 axis CNC tilting rotary table. New! 5 Axis Tilting Rotary Table, CNC Cylinder Head Porting.
See our new TRT-25100 Tilting rotary table in action. See how to digitize a hand ported cylinder head and CNC port the bare casting perfectly matching the original hand porting. This new CENTROID system is the best way to reproduce winning Cylinder head designs with speed, efficiency and most important repeatability!
click here to see this video...
Rigid Tapping with Deep Hole Tapping Cycle Video. Rigid Tapping with Deep Hole Tapping cycle. See the CENTROID rigid tapping cycles in action.
click here to view the Video...

CENTROID Threadmilling. Make threads on your Milling machine that normally would have to be done on a lathe or would be difficult to make any other way.
click here to view video...

tool8.jpg (123502 bytes) tool-endmills.jpg (8817 bytes)tool9.jpg (157105 bytes)

We provide custom tooling for automotive machine shops and Engine Rebuilders working on Cylinder Heads, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Blocks, Balancing & Blueprinting, and race Engine Porting.

For over 80 years , SFS Carbide Tool has been providing it's valued customers with the highest quality round and flat cutting tools in the industry. Our expanded CNC capabilities on the most state of the art equipment and commitment to quality control during production runs makes us the best choice for custom tool making from a variety of materials. Consistent quality is the rule at SFS Carbide Tool. OurWe use quality control instruments to guage all production blades Sidewinder™ Blades have been highly recommended by the International Sign Association "ISA" as a strong testimony to our expertise in satisfying our customers exacting requirement.

Specialty Tooling is our bread and butter. SFS is dedicated to providing the highest quality carbide cutting tools and superior customer service at a fair price. We also manufacturer a complete line of harden stainless steel/carbide tipped cutters -routers and surgical application tools. From altered standards to blueprint specials, SFS is your source for custom tooling. Our many years of experience will insure that you get the right tools for your application from prototypes, to short or long production runs. Send us your inquiry, samples or blueprints for a prompt price and delivery quotation.

Our vision is to make the name SFS Carbide Tool Co. synonymous Precision Carbide tipped cutting toolswith the phrase “easy to do business with” making us a leader in manufacturing "application specific" solid carbide cutting tools since 1921. We worked side by side with the world's leading flatbed plotter manufacturers to develop this unique series of vinyl cutter knife blades. For for high speed machining of hardened metals or when you need only the best cutting tools, think of one name: SFS Carbide Tool Company.

We can manufacturer cutting tools from Blueprints or samples

Call us at the below phone nunber and put SFS Carbide Tool to work on your next project that requires Graphite cutting tools for all types of industrial applications....
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